Thursday, December 22, 2016

Frank T. Ryder Family Summary and Timeline

Perhaps this summary will make it easier to follow this summary describing Frank's family terms:

Frank Thomas Ryder (1889-1957)
     Father:  Fred Ryder (1861-1923)
     Grandfather:  Azariah Rider (1836-1895).
     Grandmother:  Mary Jane Jacobs (1837-1914)

     Great-grandfather:  Thomas J. Rider (1812-1880)
     Great-great-grandfather: James Rider (1777-1828)
     Great x3 grandfather:  William Rider (1730-?)

      Grandmother:  Mary Jane Jacobs (1837-1914)
      Great-grandfather: Norman J. Jacobs (1811-1891)  
      Great-grandmother: Sophronia Abbott (1816-1899)

      Great-Great-grandfather:  Aaron C. Jacobs (1781-1855)
      Great x3 grandfather:  Johnathan Jacobs (1745-1822)

     Great-grandmother: Sophronia Abbott (1816-1899) - Details in a future post

Photo Collection of the Gearen Children

Photo Collection of the children of James Edward and Dora Curtis Gearen

This file must download to be viewed.  Click the link above.

Katy Ryder Finnegan assembled these photos of Ruth Harriet Gearen Ryder's siblings in 2006  according to Katy's handwritten notes on the reverse.  I believe the photos were taken at different times.  The birth and death dates for each child are attached next to their photos.  It is likely that all were taken in Sioux City although the oldest may have been born in Illinois.

The photo quality here is not excellent because it is a photo of a digital photo but Katy treasured this collage and it is worth sharing it with you on that alone!  Thanks to Kathleen Finnegan Hiatt for sharing it.